Hamilton Park, West Seattle

My Seattle photo journey continues.

Location: Hamilton Park in West Seattle.

Shoot: Sunset and night cityscape.

With: Lynn, a friend of my high school friend Connie. Lynn is working as a Microsoft intern in Bellevue, and so we met up after being introduced by Connie earlier. Coincidentally enough Lynn also knows Andrew Tulloch, a friend of mine from Carleton (who I partied with this last weekend at our 5th year reunion)…small world!

The scoop: After happy hour at Japonessa, we took a breather at Lynn’s apartment nearby and then drove over to Hamilton Park with some beer and chips. No bottle opener to be had, but Lynn was able to pop a few open on a nearby bench. Skills. After that we chilled on the grass and enjoyed the sunset and night view. Once again my Gitzo setup did its job flawlessly, and I loaned Lynn my gorilla pod so she could take a few with her small camera as well.

See also: Hamilton Park is south and west of Kerry Park in Queen Anne, and offers an opposite view of downtown over looking Elliot Bay (Puget Sound).


The trees made a nice little "valley" in front of the Olympic mountains at sunset


Space Needle, sunset


Downtown tinged in pink


Seattle cityscape from sunset to twilight


Wide shot (long crop) showing the entirety of downtown Seattle




Space Needle at the "magic hour" (with the azure blue sky)

The smooth reflection was absolutely killer

It finally got dark enough to cover the trees in the foreground (mostly). With the larger crop you can see more of the light reflecting on the water. The "spikes of light" are stunning!

Changing up the white balance: Fluorescent light, tungsten, B&W. You can see some ferries crossing the frame in these 15 second exposures (all three are different shots)


Night finally settles in


Tungsten setting gives more of the yellow and green, which goes great with the pitch black background


One last shot of the Space Needle


Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did! Not sure where to next, but I’ll keep you posted!


One thought on “Hamilton Park, West Seattle

  1. Oh man, that first 3-shot “canvas” is just brilliant!! That is one impressive cityscape, Yokohama’s is like 1/3 that size… the Space Needle looks great standing all on its own away from the skyscrapers. Man, in one night you blew away all the nighttime long-exposures I’ve taken since I’ve had my Gitzo! Can’t wait to do some serious shooting with you when you come =D

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