So I didn’t end up getting to see the Seattle city fireworks show like I wanted to, as I was having too much fun out at Potlatch, the huge NW Ultimate Frisbee tournament on July 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. As my bro’s team made it to the finals, I was there at 60 Acres fields in Sammamish until around 7:30 pm on the 4th…! Basically meaning that there would be no getting parking around Lake Union, and no hope of crushing with the crowds at Gas Works Park. But the weather was absolutely gorgeous the whole weekend (I’m really tanned!) and I took almost 800 picture altogether of the frisbee, the air cupcakes (an amazing thing to watch!), and the cute little babies! Those will have to come later (going through 800 photos should take me a while…good thing they’re all JPEG…would hate to do 800 raw files!). For now…

Though I didn’t get to see the big fireworks show, I was pleasantly surprised by the show put on by the City of Kirkland across Lake Washington, which we could see quite clearly from our deck! I was out with my Gitzo taking 10 second exposures in the cool night air. The shots would go up and then the BOOM would come about a second or so later. Kind of cool, the time lag. The speed of sound ain’t got nothin’ on the speed of light!

My niece was over for her first fireworks show. She was imitating the sounds of the screeching air, “wheeeeee”. “Fireworks!”, repeated all throughout the show. Too cute!

The show went on for almost 15 or 20 minutes. Pretty amazing. With my 70-200mm lens at 200mm (320 mm on my 1.6x crop body), I was just able to get a good view of the fireworks. Think about it – taking fireworks with a telephoto lens 😀 Kind of a funny thought, but it worked out great! Below are 5 of the shots, but check out my flickr for the rest!

Thanks for looking, I’ll be back soon with more pics from a wedding and other stuff! – Brian


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