More Seattle Sushi

At my favorite place to eat in the city, Sushi Kappo Tamura. (

I’ve found that taking pictures of meals has become harder and harder, not the least because delicious food is sitting -right- -there- and I’ve consciously caught myself leaking bodily fluids from my mouth while trying furiously to take an “artistic” picture of a dish. Especially at SKT, where I’ve eaten any number of times over the last three years (wild to think it’s been that long since I first ate there) – taking something “different” and “unique” of the same foods each time is a challenge that I’m often too hungry to overcome.

This time, however, I gave it a bit more of an effort, and I liked the results.

– I don’t usually take pictures of settings (mainly because I can’t think of more interesting ways to make the scene look more “natural”), but I tried adding a touch of soy sauce to the dish as well as placing my watch in the lower right corner to give a feeling of “end of a long work day”. Love that watch that Kazuyo got me as a wedding gift!

-For the creme brûlée, I would normally take a picture of the unbroken, lovely brown, just burned surface. However, I’ve always been intrigued by the “cracks” that appear when you break the “seal” on the dessert, and the contrast in color and texture of the filling underneath made for, I think, a nice pairing. The spoon leading in (or out) of the frame gives a subtle touch of reflection and context to the picture.

Of course, all of their food is photogenic, but some times thinking a bit outside the box gives some interesting results.


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