Magnuson Park Sunrise

Been meaning to make it out to Magnuson Park for sunrise over Lake Washington as it’s really quite close to my house. With the quarter finally over I have been very busy photographically but haven’t had time to make a blog post, ironically enough (though most pics have been going up on flickr or facebook).

This morning (6-13, about a week and a half ago) I wasn’t sure if the light would be good but when I got up at 4:30 a nice light orange hue had already crept up over the cascades in the East – a telltale sign that it would at least be worth checking out. I headed out at 4:45 and got to the park with a few minutes to scope out a good location. I’d seen a few pics of Mt. Rainier, clear as day with splashes of orange and pink; found the spot a few minutes up the edge of the lake from the parking lot, but the sun still rises too far to the East this time of year. Winter time should be excellent!

Needless to say, the pictures will do the talking. Another beautiful day unfolding in Seattle.

Some oranges and pinks mixed into the pre-dawn blue sky


The Cascades are wreathed in clouds - love my telephoto!


An interesting log right on the shorline. Used live view for the lower angle


This close the DOF is ultra thin (1cm or so at f/5.6!)


Finally the sun started its slow creep up over the horizon and the mountains


A wider shot. The rising sun intensifies the reds and oranges


Complete sunrise, the glowing orange ball


The same stalk, silhouetted against the light from the rising sun. I like the light stream bokeh


The incoming tide washed over the rocks on shore


Nice warm, golden light reflecting off the rocks


Macro shot of the rocks


Whipped out my 50mm f/1.4 for some DOF creativity (this ones is at f/2.2)


I had to stop and take more pictures because the morning light was so good 😀


This one shot at f/4


A couple of friendly ducks were going for a walk - I really like the patterns of their feathers


The rest of this set can be found here. Next up will be some night shots from West Seattle’s Hamilton Park Viewpoint. See you again soon!


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