Backyard Macro (Seattle)

To commemorate my new tripod setup (see here), I went out to…*drumroll*…my own backyard 😀 To take some macro pics of course! Found some nice flowers and bugs, and spent an hour happily shooting with my new Gtizo and Markins combination. Verdict? Amazing. Ridiculously easy to use, and stable in even the most outlandish of posturing. For a few shots I had the tripod on an upwards sloping driveway, with one leg totally retracted and almost 90 degrees from the center column propped against an inclined rock face, with the ball head tilted down 45 degrees diagonally to the left. No shake. All done in less than 15 seconds. Winner.

Always wowed at what you can find if you only choose to step out your door. Even 20 feet. The wonders of nature are at your fingertips, and a macro lens really comes to life 😀

Here’s the proof.

Drops of water hanging from a web...taken from the backside 😀

This little guy was around 1cm in length.

Amazing that one single thread can hold so much water! Cropped to 6mp.

Crystals suspended on threads. Cropped to 6mp.

Some beautiful hanging bellflowers.

Bellflowers from below. Cropped to 6mp.

Fallen petals on a bed of moss.

Transitory migrant. Taken at f/32 for ultimate DOF.

Trying to simulate a tilt-shift lens...but it didn't work 😛

Some bumblebee’s were buzzing around so I quick-released the camera off of the head and chased them around for a bit.

FIve bells and a bee 🙂 Cropped to 6mp.

The sun coming from the west really lit up the background, hence the soft green glow. Cropped to 6mp.

Did you know bees have tongues?? Cropped to 6mp.

Really giving it a good lick!

I wonder what pollen/nectar tastes like?

The eyes of a bee are super fine; if you zoom in close you can see there must be hundreds or thousands of sides to their eyes.

More shots from some previous sunsets and sunrises still to come! Thanks for reading, get out there and shoot shoot shoot everyone!


2 thoughts on “Backyard Macro (Seattle)

    • Thanks Rifqi, I had to chase them down too, once the shutter went off they usually flew off somewhere else! Patience is the name of the game haha.

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