Next step in travel photography

1,080 dollars later – and a hell of a lot of prodding from Mike (dude I know you’re reading this :D) – I’ve got my new tripod setup!

Gitzo GT1542T
Markins Q3-T Ballhead
Really Right Stuff 7D L Bracket
Gitzo GC 1201T Ser. 1 Traveler Tripod Bag

This is replacing my broken-but-C-clamped-together piece of junk. The parts took a while to all get here, but the legs finally arrived this morning. The UPS delivery guy came twice; “I gave you the wrong one…I looked down and I said ‘oh damn they’re supposed to get the BIG one!'” 😀

I was actually sold the 1542T model at the price of the 1541T! Someone’s mistake but my gain haha.

The beauty of the setup is that it’s compact, sturdy, and super light. Perfect for taking with me on treks to god-knows-where! I could have even brought it up Mt. Fuji with little to no hassle (if I’d had it back then).

Without further ado, pics of unboxing.

From left to right: GC1201T, GT1542T, Q3TrQ, RRS L bracket

GC1201T. Quite nice looking in all black, very compact fit for the tripod. Unfortunately, with the longer center column of the 1542T (vs the older 1541T) the legs with the ballhead attached no longer fits in the bag.

GT1542T. Really nice legs, weighs in at a super-lightweight class of 1 kg (2.2 lbs). Now with a 9cm longer center column for the tall people amongst us.

Q3-TrQ in red. Love the color! With the release lever, not the traditional knob.

RRS L Bracket (7D). Fits like a glove, simple, and easy to use. Fits quite well with the Markins head.

And a few of the completed and assembled setup:

With my 7D and EF 20-35 f/2.8 L

Up close with the camera, RRS L Bracket, and Markins head.

Pics from the setup in use (front and backyard stuff, sunset) coming soon!


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