Golden Gardens Part 2

After completing an arduous outline for one of my final papers yesterday, I looked up and it was already 7:30! Day frittered away I thought, until I peered out the window of my room (which faces west) and lo and behold the clouds had cleared up and the sun was still shining strong, the soft light of late afternoon filtering through the blinds. So I did what any good grad student would do: Grabbed my gear and high-tailed it to the beach! 😀

I actually shot a bunch of 1080p video (if you’ve talked to me recently you know that I’ve done quite a few videos as of late; you can see some of it on my youtube channel) that I’ll probably get around to editing (maybe putting to music) after the quarter is over, but for now, I thought I’d throw up some of the shots I got. The light was absolutely gorgeous, and a great way to spend the end of the Memorial Day holiday. Oddly enough not many people were out; but less people meant less distraction from my shooting! The light didn’t hit its peak until after the sun had dipped behind the Olympics – it really pays to wait after everyone else takes off. I was shooting for 2 solid hours and the light just kept getting better!

The light was completely different the last time I was at Golden Gardens, but this time I wanted to focus some on the Shilshole Bay Marina and Yacht Harbor (inspired by a picture from Kazuyo). I hope you like them, the full set can be found on my flickr.

Loved the mountain wreathed in low clouds

Fishing and enjoying the sunset

I like the way the lines lead you on

A trail of pink clouds over the harbor, 16x9

Sunset is always gorgeous when you can see the fiery ball of the sun clearly

Colors are really splashing the sky

Followed a couple grey herons as they came in after dusk

ISO 3200 not ideal but it did the job

First of 5 twilight shots. Some massive clouds blanketed the sky, giving the pictures that eerie blue color that mixes so well with the pink of the setting sun

Thanks for reading, hope to post more beautiful light soon (once the quarter’s over!) – Brian


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