Golden Gardens Park Ocean Sunset

To finish off the great weather last week I headed out to Golden Gardens Park in NW Seattle last Thursday. It had been a beautiful day and by the time I got to the park at about 8:15 the parking lots were still full and people were out and about running, playing, and sailing. The park is a longish strip of land with multiple areas but I stuck with the main one as it was my first go (though next time I’m gonna take the yacht harbor for sure! All those boats…haha). It was nice to shoot alone again; I realized that I feel less bad about keeping people waiting to get my “perfect” shot! Still, by about 9:30 it had started to get quite chilly so I packed up and headed back home, content with another evening of great light and color. Pics are below, or see them here on flickr!

Some pretty massive flaring!

Tried to hide the flare in the middle...

Dipping behind the mountains

Just a hint of flare, but I thought the composition was nice =)

Group windsurfers

The lone ranger-kayaker!

Dusk impending, 16x9

Gathering around the bonfire

Color over the spit

Shoreline, long exposure (8s)

Thanks for reading, I’ll be sure to have more pics of Seattle adventures up soon!


4 thoughts on “Golden Gardens Park Ocean Sunset

  1. Your photography truly shines when you’re out shooting sunrises and sunsets bro! Loving those deep blues and oranges and smooth color gradients, and that bit of flare adds a lot of flavor to the image in my opinion. The shot with the campfire on the opposite bank is also pretty awesome bro, great work.

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