Jose Rizal Park, Sunset/Night Skyline

Lately I’ve been exploring Seattle and seeing what kind of awesome sunrise/sunset points I can find. Last week on Friday I hit up Kerry Park on Queen Anne Hill which faces south and gives a spectacular view of downtown fronted by the Space Needle, as well as an expansive view of Puget Sound and Mt. Rainier when it’s clear.

Today, I decided to head down to Jose Rizal Park on Beacon Hill, for its acclaimed view of downtown facing north and west, including Quest and Safeco Field as well as the water front and ship yards. This week has provided some amazing weather and I’ve tried to take advantage of it. Needless to say, Chihiro and I were not disappointed. Sunset was brilliant, a red blob of fire that slowly descended towards the Olympics in the west. Downtown Seattle was backed by hues of pink, yellow and orange, the soft light creating a beautiful silhouette of the tall buildings. And when night fell, I stretched the exposures for 25 and even 30 seconds, capturing the city lights and streaking cars as they raced down I-5 and I-90. As the sun sets at 8:45 PM now-a-days, I didn’t get home until almost 11 PM! Still, well worth it, and with no classes tomorrow, I can sleep in and get some work done 🙂

I was shooting with a mixture of mediums today: Velvia 100 slides, and the Canon s90 and 7D digital cameras; you can also see all of the shots here. I should hopefully have the slides scanned and up next week!

16x9 of the Seattle skyline, sunset (s90)

Setting sun behind Quest Field (s90)

Pink, orange and yellow hues back the buildings of downtown Seattle (s90)

Salmon skies over Quest Field (s90)

Shipyard at last light (7D)

Downtown Seattle at dusk (s90)

Seattle skyline at dusk, 16x9 (s90)

Quest Field, twilight (s90)

Downtown under a purple sky (7D)

Brilliant points, lines of light (50mm f/1.4) (7D)

Nightfall 16x9 (7D)

Seattle skyline at night, 15 second exposure (7D). Favorite image of the night

If you are interested check out Kerry Park and Jose Rizal park in Seattle! Both wonderful places to shoot both sunrise/sunset (if the weather is good!). Till next post!


2 thoughts on “Jose Rizal Park, Sunset/Night Skyline

    • Thanks MM 🙂 I usually like to bring it along so I don’t have to drag my 7D with me, but shooting from a car parked 10 feet away always makes things a bit easier on the gear side!

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