Kerry Park, Sunrise

Though actually most of the shots are night shots! Since it’s Friday and I don’t have any classes, I figured I’d go out and enjoy what might be the last bit of sunshine for the next week. I got back a few hours ago from a jaunt (or a quick drive) out to Kerry Park on Queen Anne Hill to see what I could get for sunrise. I didn’t realize it was facing almost directly south, so there was no chance I was going to get the sun coming up behind the Space Needle and downtown – but, I did enjoy myself and got some nice shots of the cityscape and Mt. Rainier to boot. Very beautiful. Not a great sunrise as clouds swooped in and blocked most of the good light, but so it goes. Will have to come back again later!

All pics I’m putting up here have been cropped to 16×9 for a more “panoramic” style view. You can see the originals here. AND these are all taken with my s90. Bet you never guessed 😀

Thanks for looking! Have a great weekend everyone!


3 thoughts on “Kerry Park, Sunrise

  1. Continuing to put the S90 to good use I see! Great shots, I agree with your decision to crop down to 16×9, there was a bit too much dead space in the sky for 4×3. It’s a beautiful day in Japan as well, though I’ll be enjoying with a Michigan party tonight instead of sunrise pictures =D

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