Downtown Seattle (film)

It’s been over a month since the last post. How time flies. How the work piles up…!

The times when I’m able to get behind the camera are far in few between these days. Not exactly what I had bargained for coming into graduate school. Still, I’ve had a few opportunities and I’ve tried to make them count. It’s frustrating, because it feels like I’m not making any progress on my style or my technique, or just my overall photography. I have to remind myself that it’s not something that goes away so quickly or easily. I’m counting down the days to spring break, when I hope to get out and spend a few days on my own shooting some film. Speaking of which, I got this old roll back from Costco the other week. The story goes, when I was helping my brother clean up his classroom before the start of the winter quarter, I found this old roll of German Fuji Superia 400 sitting in the donation piles. Swiped it, loaded it, shot it.

It came back…ok I guess, grainy, but not so much as to destroy the images, and actually, pushed just a touch and with a dose of contrast they really come out gritty and a bit harsh – very much apt to that whole “urban” scene. Really brings the grays of the city out, making any hints of color jump out at you. You can judge for yourself, but for a free roll of film (that could be many many years old!) I wasn’t too disappointed.


"Feel Free to Start Fresh". A campaign going on at Nordstroms. I thought the catch copies were interesting.


"Relax". I liked the composition of the manequins in this shot.


The monorail at 20 mm.


One way (Up)


News Lane


Pike Place Market.


Stack of color.


"Quality Always" 😀


A friend of Nao's.


Moon over downtown.


Two flags (Macy's)


My Country, 'Tis of Thee


A rare pic of me at OK Noodles on the Ave.


Lisa @ 2.8 on FF. Great blurred background.

To finish up the roll I took a few random shots:


Bird flying over the Quad (UW).


View from the deck (late afternoon).

Hopefully I’ll get another post (or two) up after the quarter’s over…! Until then, happy reading! And check out Mike’s blog if you haven’t in a while! (He also updates more frequently than your’s truly :P)


One thought on “Downtown Seattle (film)

  1. Brain,

    I hear what you are saying about not making progress on photography. Sometimes it takes a little distance to let new inspirations gather. (:

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