Food (Macro)

Ok you’ve all been waiting for it. Here it is. Taking a break from packing to throw up some pictures for you all to see. Enjoy! Hope it doesn’t make you too hungry 😉 (Note that these aren’t all from the same day!)

BRUNCH: Vegetarian Buffet Mameya

Piiman Tempura with Miso Sauce
Piiman Tempura with Miso Sauce: Piiman (ピーマン) – Green Bell Pepper – deep fried in tempura batter and touched with a bit of miso sauce. Delicious!

Homemade Tofu

Handmade Tofu: Mameya specialty! Great with soy sauce or just by itself.

Okara Donut
Okara Donut: My favorite food at Mameya, the vegetarian buffet here in Taki. Okara is “soy pulp”, or the solid parts of the soybeans that are left over when making soy milk.

Anko (Ohagi)

Anko (Ohagi): A single red bean from an Ohagi – rice wrapped around a center of red bean paste.

Green Tea
Green Tea: Amazing how simple a drink, refreshing, delicious hot or cold!

SCHOOL LUNCH: Lunch at Seiwa Elementary School

Shishamo ("Willow Leaf" Smelt)Chin-Jao Ro-su (Pepper Steak)Rice
Menu: Shishamo (“Willow Leaf” Smelt), Chin-Jao Ro-su (Pork with green bell peppers and bean sprouts), and Rice 🙂

AFTERNOON TREATS: Sweets and green tea; Shaved ice at Ise Grand Shrine.

Manju 2

Tea and FlowersOne Bowl
Tea and sweets: At a small tea gathering in the lobby of the Prefectural Art Museum in Tsu.

Akafuku-Gori (Shaved Ice)

Akafuku Gori  (Shaved Ice): Akafuku is the name of a famous brand of sweets in Mie (Ise to be more precise). It’s mochi slathered with a thick anko (red bean) paste. Here, it’s served as a shaved ice with Maccha (green tea) syrup. Best on a very hot day 🙂

EVENING MEAL: Yakitori (Chicken on a stick)


Yakitori: I think this was thigh meat.

Edamame (soybeans)

Edamame: Boiled soybeans (salted).

Sliced Tomatoes

Tomato Slices: Love em to death.

HOUSE PARTY: Curry dinner at my friend Suda’s place; steak at my place.

Bean Curry

    Bean Curry: A delicious curry made from Suda’s beans that he keeps in his house…probably gets them when he goes back to India to visit!

Avacado SaladBasmati RiceA Good MixAfter Dinner Coffee

Curry Dinner: Clockwise from left – Avocado Salad with tomatoes and pickled cucumbers; Basmati rice; my plate with salad, rice and tomato curry; after dinner coffe.

Lots o' Beans
Lots of beans 🙂

Matsusaka Beef A4 Steak
Matsusaka Beef Grade A4 Steak: Couldn’t resist 😛 Only one grade down from the top class of A5!

DESSERT: Summer Roll Cakes

Kome-ko Roll Cake

Kome-ko Roll Cake: Made with rice flour for a spongier, mochi-like texture.

Chestnut (marron) Roll Cake

Chestnut Roll Cake: For dessert after dinner at Tetsuya’s place.

Thanks for sticking with this extra long post! I had a lot of pictures that I really wanted to put up over the last week. I hope I gave you a good outline of what kind of amazing cuisine is out here! See you next post!


One thought on “Food (Macro)

  1. Great post! That shot of the beans is awesome, you should crop just a bit from the bottom edge to get rid of the wooden tip (?), cuz otherwise it’s compositionally perfect =D

    That meat looks delicious – I’ve got hamburger patty and croquette for lunch, looking forward to it already! Food blogging may indeed be a good avenue for your photographic interests once you get back to Seattle.

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