Goro Part Duex

I didn’t actually have a first post, but this is the 2nd time I was cat sitting for Dave. What a big cat you are now! Goro-kun was his usual hyperactive self (so it goes with 2-3 month old kittens!) But I managed to get a few more (last) pics of him the day before we handed him off to a real home in Kyoto. Hopefully he lives out the rest of his long life happily – they seemed like an awesome young couple when we stopped by the house for the drop off and a bit of a chat.

The table is his favorite perch

He loved sitting on my kotatsu πŸ™‚

Noticed me!

f/1.6 really brings the expression on his face to life!

Hinata Bokko (lazing in the sun :)

Here's he just chillin out and scoping out the yard. In Japanese they call this "Hinata Bokko" (ζ—₯向ぼっこ) which means to bask lazily in the sun πŸ™‚


Shhhh...! Let sleeping kitties lie!

Finally a snap with the new family:

Of course, he wouldn’t sit still πŸ™‚

Best wishes to you Goro-Kun!


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