Bugs And Frogs – The World of Macro!

So I picked up a new lens this month and wasted no time in going out into the wild – I mean some of my favorite places around Taki – looking for all manners of critters and flowers to take with the EF 100mm 2.8L Macro IS lens. Boy that’s a mouthful!

It’s pretty amazing what you can find just by going to a semi-secluded area in the country fields and sitting still for about 5 minutes. At the very least a dragonfly might come roost on you if frogs don’t swarm over your feet first!

It gave me a twinge of sadness to know I won’t have it so easy when I go back to Seattle. I never realized I would be taking pictures of all the frogs that serenade me to sleep every night 🙂

Just a quick warning, this post includes closeups of spiders, bugs, frogs and other such creatures; for the squeamish please browse at your own volition!

Dragonfly hydrangea
Dragonfly on a hydrangea

Upside down
Bokeh on the lens is absolutely superb

Leaf Camo
Love the way the frog has his “Leaf Camo” on

White Spider
Making a new web?

He's tinyShh, I'm hiding!

Two frogs hiding out in the hydrangea

Mating dragonfliesPerched

All the different colors and types of dragonflies is mind-boggling!

Eyes and legs
I wonder how spiders see the world?

It’s really hard to realize sometimes just how small these guys are. I always try to put something into the picture for perspective, and this time it’s the hydrangea blossom. Each petal is about the size of my thumbnail!

Orchid (and bee)
My favorite flower, an orchid

MushroomFlower stalk
A mushroom and a flower stalk

Two-tone salamander
Two-toned salamander

Big unMini-frog 1Mini-frog 2Mini-frog 3
Frogs were all over the place at Nyu Daishi. The first guy was as big as my fist! But the next three were really small, only about an inch long.

Up close
Finally, the big guy up reeeeeal close!

The next post will be all food macro 😀 Stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “Bugs And Frogs – The World of Macro!

  1. Awesome stuff! I especially like the frog at the end. Can’t wait till I have more time to get out to the fields myself. Did you shoot most of this stuff in manual focus?

    • Some manual some with servo (tracking) AF. Though really, it’s not “real” macro since I don’t have strobes and the dof is still too thin to really work with, even at f/8 or f/11! But damn if it isn’t fun haha. Yeah if you’re free on Sunday morning, do you wanna go out and shoot at some of my local spots?

      • I’ll let you know. I’d like to go but considering I still have to show up to work and I have a goodbye party about every night my remaining packing time is pretty limited!

  2. All righty, let’s see if I can post a comment (going through a proxy at the office).

    Fantastic post, I’m loving the colors!! Crazy how close you can get with that thing… looking forward to food pics, but try to get out and take even more pics of the local wildlife! Something I miss living in the big city.

    • Thanks, man. You’re going to loooove your 100 planar! Get the 5D II yet??

      Yeah I’ll be missing that when I get back home…but that’s why I’m going to start food blogging! Big city = lots o food 🙂

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