Gorgeous day at the market (S.O.O.C)

Some shots straight from my Powershot S100 at Pike Place Market, where we had about 4 hours of nice sunshine outside! Shots were taken on P (program auto) with Auto ISO and appropriate exposure comp as was fitting (usually between -2/3 to +1/3)

IMG_6293Beautiful view looking down the hill on Pine – stood in the middle of the street to take this, because, well, I can 🙂

IMG_6294This gentleman is always out on the same corner, and he really plays up a storm! Same beat up piano, same awesome music 🙂

IMG_6295Little bit of clown and balloon action, but I most like the pacifier and the pointing finger! Nice sunny day and
some pre-focusing allowed for a nice action-stopping shutter speed.

IMG_6296Even though it’s ridiculously gaudy, we all know inside we want a car like this 🙂 Those mirrors are crazy!


Two crepes – Strawberry creme and tomato basil with mozzerlla


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