Year of the Snake, Lion Dance

Last weekend was the celebration of the Lunar New Year, but the previous week Seattle’s top Lion Dance crew from Mak Fai Kung Fu in Seattle came to North Seattle Community College to put on a nice display. Taken with the 5D Mk II + 70-200 f/2.8 L IS II and 7D + 16-35 f/2.8 L II. Here are ten shots from the dance!


A live firecracker demo out in the courtyard!


The golden lion parading up and down the cafeteria


In your face!


Green lion power-move on stage

IMG_4615Both lions on stage w/ drums and cymbals, 16mm

IMG_4586A jumping move by the golden lion team

IMG_4595Surprise! Confronted by the golden lion

IMG_4137Aggressive stance from the green lion!

IMG_4110Great expressions from the crowd as the golden lion moves in for a surprise move!

IMG_4168The Mak Fai Lion Dance Team (Master in the middle)


4 thoughts on “Year of the Snake, Lion Dance

  1. Sweet man, nice to see you back on WP 😀
    Loved every shot, a nice variety of perspectives capturing the excitement at the event very well. And as usual, great colors too!

    I’ve just deactivated my FB account to focus on my studies, but I’ll try to update my blog reasonably frequently to help me relax a little and get some therapeutic photography in once in awhile 🙂 Looking forward to seeing more from you here man, shoot me any other photos by email if you ever feel like it!

    • Thanks bro. Yeah finally got time to sit down with a post, a few more shorts ones should be coming soon!

      Good call on the FB, I sent you an email of SOOC (easy because all I had to do is pop them in!) and hopefully more SOOC will allow me to keep the content flowing.

      Post on bro, post on.

    • Hey man – thanks for the comment, your snow shot was pretty damn cool too. Was look at the X-E1 (or is it XE-1) have you played with it yet? The form factor, EVF, and the sick slew of lenses coming this year have really got me turned onto Fuji, plus it’s lighter and cheaper than the Pro-1

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