EF 8-15mm f/2.8 L Fisheye Photobooth

Sam and Bridget did a double celebration of their birthdays and bought an entire pig to roast! So, I had to try it out: the 8-15mm f/2.8 L fisheye. The only zoom fisheye for Canon cameras is a doozy and an amazingly fun lens to play with. It covers 8mm circular for full frame, 15mm for entire frame coverage on ff, 10mm for entire frame coverage on APS-C cameras, AND 12mm for entire frame coverage on APS-H cameras. Wow. Would I buy one for 1500 dollars? Not likely, unless I get into the wedding business with a demand for a fisheye photobooth at each shoot (which is not such a farfetched proposition to be sure). However, for 30 dollars for one day it made some incredible memories of one of the final parties of my grad school career.

Lighting is off camera left, my 430 EX bounced into a 30″ umbrella, triggered by the ST-E2 that I bought from Mike a few weeks back. Camera is on my Gitzo GT1542T with Markins head. All shots taken on my 5D Mk. II @ 8mm.

Hunter and me rocking some shades. Word.

Group shot!
Very cool to be able to easily fit everyone in without even trying 😀

To get crazy perspectives you have to be super close to the lens.
But tell that to some kids, and boy do they take it to heart! 🙂

What a photobooth should be used for.
Sarah and Gen are way too cute!

All hail the pig!
We had to have Rolf – aka “the bearded one” – do something crazy with the pig head…Lord of the flies anyone?


3 thoughts on “EF 8-15mm f/2.8 L Fisheye Photobooth

    • Seriously, 180 degrees is alot wider than you would think right haha. The only thing is that without Pocket Wizard you can’t access second curtain sync and high speed modes, which may or may not be something I’ll want to invest in later. However for 150 bucks for now, it’s definitely nice to have that sweet OCF!!!!

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