S.O.C (Straight Out of Camera)

I realized two things today:

1. Take more street photography. Especially on nice days.
2. Take more JPEG. Posting to the blog takes 1/10th of the time.

These are some of the strongest images I’ve taken in the last month or so, just a quick 10 minute stretch as I was heading downtown today (not including the one of the UW building taken this morning)

All photos here are S.O.C., straight out of camera. NO EDITING whatsoever was done in any program. Sharpness, contrast, and color were all as set when I took them. 5D Mark II + 16-35 II L.

Gowen Hall Archway

3101 Western Ave.

SAM (Seattle Art Museum) Sculpture Park

“Combination Standpipe”


3 thoughts on “S.O.C (Straight Out of Camera)

  1. I wrote it on flickr too, but I’m partial to the Western Ave. shot. They’re all quite good though. I need a better bag for taking my camera out just for the day…

    • Thanks Pete! You may consider just getting an insert and putting it in your favorite msngr (what I did – my combo is a tenba photo insert with a Patagonia Half Mass Msngr). It’s super comfy since it’s designed as a real bag, and usually has more space/pockets for other things besides your camera. I was carrying yesterday: 5D II body w/ 16-35 attached in the center, 430 EX/spare battery/filters and 50 f/1.4 on one side (split compartment, in terms of depth, could have put a markins head under the 50 and been fine), and then the 70-200 f/2.8 on the other side. Usually I’ll swap out the 70-200 with the 100 L macro and some other goodies, but I needed the zoom.

  2. Looking awesome man, glad that the 5DII has motivated you to get out and do some more DSLR shooting! Your SOOC shots with jpeg and picture styles look more saturated and sharpened than my processed shots… haha.

    Pete, I recently picked up the Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home, and it has been absolutely amazing so far.
    I bought it so that I could bring my camera out for casual outings and walking around, and though it’s small, it can hold up to the 5DII, 35L, 85/1.8, and 580EXII flash without feeling forced. Normally I could throw the 5DII plus two lenses in there no problem. I just love how low-profile and compact it is, without compromising any support for the equipment inside – I had it with me in New Orleans, and it went with me into crowded restaurants, bars, and even a nightclub without feeling like it was in the way. It’ll come at a premium in Japan though – $125 vs $85 stateside. Worth it at either price though, in my opinion!

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