In the early morn, the world is quiet…

And that’s what I like best about sunrise. Color-wise, the pinks and purples of sunset that bleed into the deep blues of twilight are my favorites, but there’s nothing like a beautiful early spring sunrise: the smell of the wet grass dotted with the morning dew; the chill in the air, your breath coming in streams; the way the air itself seems to tense as color starts to permeate the sky; and finally the yellow mass of the sun slowly breaking over the horizon. As its ascent starts to speed up it changes to a deeper orange and then to an almost red fireball with rays shooting in all directions.

I wasn’t scheduled to pick up Dave at the airport until the early afternoon, and the weather report heralded the morning (3/23) as the last sunny day for the next week. Take the sunrise – why not?

Crawled out of bed at about 6:25, grabbed my gear and took the bike out quietly from downstairs.

The waves at Matthews Beach lapped softly on the sand and the ducks swam aimlessly, as warmth slowly enveloped my body. And the quiet of it all. A few other people had come down for a walk, mostly elderly couples, but other than that I was all alone to witness and enjoy the unfolding of another day.

Just another day in the life of an ordinary guy.


Before the break, a beautiful mix of colors


Serenity in yellow


Slow shutter to capture a bit of wave movement; great reflection of light on the beach


Goodnight moon


Daybreak, wide (with sunstar)


Duck between the posts


100L@ Work


Early risers sharing the warmth


Sign on the shore


Walkin' at sunrise

Coming in for a landing - I just happened to spot this and let off about 10 shots, once again thanking my 8fps

6:15 Shadows


After sunrise my dad came and met me at the beach (he’s normally an early riser). We walked back home together on the trail and I stopped by a flowering plum/peach/cherry blossom tree (to be honest I’m not sure what this was!).



Pink on blue (100L)


Blossoms #2 (100L)


Reaching to the sky

The real sakura have been blooming on campus the last week and a half, and I’ve got some nice shots I’ll be putting up soon, along with some of my niece Kyli’s birthday party, and some shots from two awesome charity concerts by Emi Meyer from last weekend. All in all a couple busy weeks since spring break and my last post, but that’s what spring’s for! I encourage all of you to get up and enjoy the beauty and majesty of each and every day, you never know how it will turn out.





2 thoughts on “In the early morn, the world is quiet…

    • Thanks Jake. I actually should have brought my ND filter to keep the sun from flaring up with the slow shutter, I think it was f/22 at 1/5? Or invest in a grad ND!

      You have access to two amazing models…I’m jealous, I only get to see my niece every so often haha.

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