SKT – Treat after a long week

And after four 12 hour days in a row, I treated myself the best sushi in town at Sushi Kappo Tamura🙂 24-70 L II continues to be beastly! Best $1,900 I spent after the 70-200 L II.

Top left: A nice place setting enhanced by a tall glass of draft Sapporo 🙂
Top right: Fresh asparagus and shimeji salad with tofu cream sauce. The tofu flavor was just slight as to linger in your mouth afterwards. 美味!
Mid right: Albacore toro nigiri. It literally melts in your mouth – a staple of Japanese sushi cuisine.
Bottom: Copper river salmon nigiri (My personal favorite!). At $4 dollars a pop (x2 = $8) it’s not cheap but the salmon flavor explodes as you chew. It’s that good.


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