Why they call it “Ultimate” Frisbee

No words needed, I think. From the UPA Club Championships Series NW Regionals 2011 at Burlington, Washington. Game is Seattle Sockeye vs. Furious George to play into the backdoor finals for a trip to Nationals.

First Blood - Tim Gehret of Sockeye scores the first goal against Furious George

Horizontal - Sockeye's Matt "Skip" Sewell goes Horizontal for the bid

D'ed - Sockeye's Hylke Snieder gets the huge layout D

Just Missed - Furious George's Nate Dandurand narrowly misses the layout D as Sockeye's Adam Talbot focuses on the disc

Making the Grab - Danny Karlinsky of Sockeye makes sure he holds on tight to this catch

Fired Up - Sockeye's Andrew Fleming is pumped about his goal (and so is #3 Alex Nord!)

Getting High - Sockeye's Alex Nord gets up and over his Defender for the sky

Leap & Catch - Sockeye's Spencer Wallis leaps high for this grab

Battle in the Air - Phil Murray of Sockeye battles for the disc


One thought on “Why they call it “Ultimate” Frisbee

  1. Only a handful of people realize how difficult it is to get pictures like these. Clean action shots (of Sockeye of course) making me itch to get back in the game. Nicely done.

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