A Holdover (Seattle Scene Part2 – s90)

So the last of my Yosemite film is getting processed and after it does I’ll have a pretty monster post up about that amazing and frankly life changing trip, but for now, I’ll have a holdover post (and maybe another coming later) of a few pics that I had and never put up.

Not much of a story as I told it a while back in the last post, sorry to keep you waiting. Life gets busy I guess. Pics from the Space Needle at night. Enjoy!

Space Needle From Below

The Space Needle - from below!

Lake Union

Lake Union - looks kind of small from way up high!

Cruise Ship

A cruise ship on the waterfront.

Moon Over Downtown

The moon over downtown.

Downtown and the Waterfront

Downtown and the watefront.

Downtown Skyline

The Seattle skyline, up close.

Puget Sound Reflection

Reflections on the Sound.

Setsuko and Me

Setsuko and me at the top.

Pacific Science Center

The Pacific Science Center, after we'd come back down.

If you hadn’t noticed the title, both of the last posts were taken with the s90. Amazing camera, I really talk about it a lot don’t I? 😀 On my Yosemite trip I took the s90 and my film camera and a few lenses and that was it! Boy I had a blast, can’t wait to show everyone the pics – mainly because I’m getting two rolls of slides scanned for the first time! Should be exciting. I’ll probably have one more set of pics up before that so enjoy Seattle stuff until then!


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