Fish and Fun

Kanako and I went out to the Nagoya Aquarium a week before I left for home. It was pouring rain and we didn’t have an umbrella! I had some extra clothes on me so I raced out into the rain to a store to buy an umbrella and some ponchos. It was like I had jumped into a lake or something! After getting back to car, I thankfully changed into some dry clothes and then…the rain stopped. Dammit to hell 😀 Oh well, that’s just how life goes sometimes!

So when we finally got to the Aquarium after lunch, we immediately went to score some seats for the always popular dolphin show. We got there almost an hour early and some seats had already been taken. A steady stream of people flowed into until it was packed with still about 15 minutes left to go.

It was a pretty amazing show, but hard to capture for the first time – it would have been a big help knowing where the animals were going to jump from and the overall flow of the show. Still I got a few decent pics!


Dolphin riding! He's grabbing the dorsal fin.


Swimming together.


Surfing 🙂 They were going really fast!


Backwards riding.


Giving a twirl.


The ring spinning trick.

Through the hoop

Jumping through the hoop, maybe about 8 feet high?


Touching the red ball. This was pretty cool, they were really high!


A final group jump.

After the show we moseied around the other exhibits.


The killer whale getting fed - Open wide!




A starfish, macro portrait.


Deep sea angler, macro.


There were a few girls there taking pictures with their DS's! I was a big fan of that. Go technology!


Baby turtle, macro.


I thought the gesture was nice.


I never realized turtle eyes look so crazy!


A couple huge fossils. I like the lighting in this room.


The penguin room. Love the blacks, aquariums are so nice for silhouettes!


Penguin portrait.

He couldn't hold it!

Couldn't hold it! I only noticed it after the fact 🙂

At around 630 pm we went to see the Sardine Tornado 🙂 Yup, it was pretty cool, hundreds, if not thousands of sardines packed in, rushing around their tank.


Blue tornado!

The vortex

The sharks were my favorite. I managed to get two in this picture.


Like a wall of fish...!


The crowd watches on. After taking some closeups I walked to the back to get a wide view.

Finally I snapped a few shots on the way back to the car.


Boats in the harbor. I like the red color and the light filtering through the cloudy sky.


Ferris wheel in front of an ominous sky.

That’s it! This is my LAST set from Japan, the next post will be from my first week back home in Seattle – stay tuned!


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