Why Reala 100 Is Still King

Reala 100 is my favorite negative film.

It’s perfect for skintones – netural color balance and a healthy dose of contrast means people come out looking great – they pop from the picture but aren’t “yellow” or “orange”. This is an effect I have yet to get from my digital cameras. Shooting neutral on my Canons (s90, 30D, 7D) renders skin tones a nice tone but even with pushed contrast, the pictures fail to have that “look” that you get straight out of camera from Reala.

Here are some comparison pictures. Granted, these aren’t taken at the same settings, but they are taken with mostly the same lenses. Sure you can nit pick them; they aren’t the same aperture or shutter speed, the lighting is different, the angles are different. But you have to realize that I was trying to take the best picture possible in each situation. In real life, not some theoretical controlled test, this is how the pictures came out. Which would you choose? I like the film better 😀

Pictures on the left (top) are film, pictures on the right(bottom) are digital.

FH000004 IMG_5475

Tim enjoying the sakura and sun


Flying and other crazy activites. Digital picture taken with fill flash to balance the background.


The very photogenic Asuka.


The girls posing for pictures and Tim getting his “harem” shot in


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